Only faith in Jesus will save you!


When it comes to an eternal life after death, there is only one thing that is important: Faith that Jesus is Christ, the Son of God.

The ancient Norse gods, such as Odin and Thor, cannot give salvation and eternal life. Only faith in Jesus of Nazareth can give salvation and eternal life.

When it comes to an eternal life after death, it will not be important whether you have had a long education or not, but whether you have believed in Jesus or not.

Not even the knowledge of the wonderful truth about the tribes of Israel – which this website primarily is about – will give you eternal life. But the faith that Jesus is Christ and the Son of God, will!

Faith in Jesus is not complicated. The apostle Peter was the first who expressed it when he said to Jesus: “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.” (Matthew 16:16)


Above: Jesus on the Greater Jelling Stone (south-east Jutland), which was erected in 965 AD by King Harald Bluetooth who Christianized the Danes.


By Mikkel Stjernholm Kragh

July 2009



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